Intimalogist expert Dr. Kat Smith “sits down with StacyK” to talk about surviving childhood sexual abuse. Dr. Smith’s story begins at the age of nine when the man her mother married and who remained her stepfather until she was twelve, molested her. Feeling scared, alone, and shrinking so small she once felt invisible, Dr. Smith found herself sleeping with a knife under her pillow until she was old enough to leave her home and escape the pain.

As a young adult, she was still feeling victimized by her childhood and carried the brokenness with her to Dallas, where she moved. She left behind those feelings of hopelessness, but was still young enough for the abuse to have an affect on her future. While in Dallas, she was date-raped and found herself facing an abortion of an unwanted pregnancy.

Choosing to become a survivor of sexual abuse and take back power over her life, Dr. Smith first began her journey of self-discovery as a model in the fashion industry, using her six-foot-two height as a blessing rather than a curse, and went on to become a TED-X speaker and author of nine books, including The Warrior Princess. She is the creator of the intimacy wheel and teaches others to focus on enriching their lives with love. Using her past to empower others, Dr. Smith speaks to the hearts of those looking to understand their past and helps people re-parent, repurpose, and rejuvenate themselves, so they can live successful lives as survivors of sexual abuse.

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