Survivor of sexual abuse, Alan Keith, sits down with StacyK at the world-renowned Venetian room, located inside the Fairmount Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Alan, a recovering alcoholic, talks about his abuser bullying him by luring him over and then pouring Wild Turkey down his throat to seduce him into a dark room, where the sexual abuse began. Watch as he opens up to Stacy about his past addictions, fears, and sobriety. Now, eighteen years sober, he is a children’s book author and creator of “Andy,” the compassionate, fun-loving dandelion seed that travels the world helping people discover solutions to their problems.

 Alan, a writer, producer, and directo rattended Mountain View College Musical Theater Conservatory for acting and voice. He is vice president of Thompson Fine Arts, Inc. and assists in the events department of the Memnosyne Foundation. 

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